Summer Style: The One-Shoulder Geneva Dress

One-Shoulder Geneva Dress

I found my summer go-to dress for 2024! It’s from Universal Standard (US) and it’s a revamp of their iconic Geneva Dress (which I profiled before).  The dress I already love and own many different colors and variations of (crew neck, v-neck, long sleeves, short sleeves), is now available in a one-shoulder version–just in time for summer!

If you’re new, US has been one of my go-to brands for quite a few years now. They probably represent at least one third of my closet.

The Geneva Dress is one of my favorite dresses to rock and I love that I can dress it up or down.

The one-shoulder version is classy–all of your breasts aren’t hanging out. It’s also the perfect dress when you need to get ready quickly for a summer brunch or soiree and want to step out looking polished. In the photos featured, I wore mine to a political fundraiser.

US is Plus Size Friendly

Now, most importantly, US is plus size friendly.

Their sizing reflects the true bell curve of the average person in the United States. In US sizing, a medium is an 18-20. When I started wearing US, I started off wearing a large (22-24). I went down to wearing medium and then small (14-16) for the past few years and with my new one-shoulder Geneva dress I have officially entered into a US x-small (10-12).

Whether I lose or gain weight (just keepin’ it real), US has a great program called Fit Liberty. With Fit Liberty you can choose from over 400 styles in sizes 00 to 40 and if your size changes within one year, swap for a new size for FREE. If I go up or I go down, I can swap it out for a different size. I love that! I wish more companies offered this–especially during a time in this country where you have O-o-o-Ozempic, Wegovy, Zepbound and other drugs helping folks lose massive amounts of weight. It’s definitely a great way to keep your customer base coming back for more.

The Iconic One-Shoulder Geneva Dress

Okay so the deets on the dress.

The Geneva Dress has a universally flattering silhouette. I have never seen someone wearing this dress and it didn’t look good on their body. It has an asymmetrical hemline and a slight A-line shape ensures that the dress skims over curves in a way that highlights rather than hides them. The one-shoulder version is instant resort-ready. It’s made from the same beloved (and pill-resistant) Peruvian cotton blend that’s drapey and fluid. It’s perfect.

The one-shoulder version is currently available in six colors of which three I already own.

  • Black
  • Lilac
  • Cerise (reddish pink)
  • Deep Pansy (deep violet)
  • Cenote (deep, bright periwinkle purple)
  • Ocean Floor (teal)
One-Shoulder Geneva Dress

I paired the dress with my yellow Marc Fisher Dercy platforms.

One-Shoulder Geneva Dress

I love pairing a color like Deep Pansy with MAC’s Ruby Woo red lipstick.

If you could see it from the front, wait ’til you see it from the back back back…

I am wearing the Deep Pansy in the photos and I also own the black and cenote versions.

Y’all already know I love playing wtih colors and for this look I paired my yellow Marc Fisher Dercy platforms (which I saw a pair on sale on Poshmark btw), with white croc clutch from Amazon, and my MAC Ruby Woo red lipstick.

US isn’t Temu or Shein. Good clothes that last are an investment in yourself. Currently the dress is $108 but US is forever having flash sales so sign up for their text messages and email list and be in the know.

Links to shop the look are below.

Pro Tip: If you aren’t already on Poshmark, join Poshmark! I have found a few of my Geneva dresses on Poshmark in both brand new and practically new condition for unbeatable prices. As a matter of fact, I may have a few in my closet I am selling now, if they haven’t already sold. And for the record, the ONLY reason I am selling my older Geneva dresses is because I lost weight.

One-Shoulder Geneva Dress