Style File: New York & Company’s Plus Rose Crepe Suit


I love a good pantsuit!

I had know idea when I decided to get this suit on sale from New York & Company that it was going to turn out to be one of my favorite suits.

Sometimes shopping online as a plus size woman is hit or miss if you don’t know you measurements and haven’t developed an eye for shopping for clothes online.  When you add in those of us who fluctuate in weight a lot–like I said it can be hit or miss.

But back to this suit!

By the time I wore it for my latest photoshoot, I had lost more weight, so even though you can’t tell–the jacket had to be gathered on the sides in order to get the look we were after for the photos. I fully plan to have the jacket taken in permanently.

The pants are long but my heels are high.  I found the clear platforms with the black bottom on Fashion Nova one while perusing the site and eyeballing the suit hanging up in my room.  I had a feeling they would be perfect and they were. If you buy this suit and you are not tall, be prepared to pair the pants with heels or to have the pants hemmed.

The original styling of the outfit called for a white bandeau but when I was changing clothes I decided to take a look at how the outfit looked with just my strapless bra on and that actually looked even better.

I received a lot of compliments and a lot of requests on where to get this suit from folks on social media–so here you go!

Where to Buy It

Pant Suit



Featured photo credit: Dae Howerton and Dallas C. Logan


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