Style File: Fashion Nova’s Pink Trouser Pants


Pink trouser pants

Pink trouser pants and an orange blouse might seem like an unconventional pairing at first glance, but when styled correctly, this bold combination can create a stunning and fashion-forward look. 

The inspiration for this color combo came from the pants which I caught sight of while perusing through my Fashion Nova app.

Fun fact. Before I go to bed, I lean into my first world inclinations and spend at least an hour looking at shoes, clothes, colors, different styles and piecing together outfits in my head for the future. I am pretty dedicated to it too. I make notes and screenshot outfits. 

Now, there are so many ways you can style pink but my favorite way is with the color orange. In order to pull it off, you need the right shade of both colors though.

  1. Balance is Key: When styling pink trousers with an orange blouse, it’s essential to strike the right balance between the two colors. Since both pink and orange are bold and eye-catching, aim to create harmony by choosing shades that complement each other. For example, I opted for the soft pastel pink trousers from Fashion Nova and paired them with a rich, burnt orange blouse I have had for at least a year from Eloquii for a sophisticated contrast.

  2. Play with Patterns: Don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns when styling this bold color combination. A floral print blouse in shades of orange can add visual interest and dimension to your outfit when paired with solid pink trousers. Alternatively, you can reverse the combination by opting for a solid orange blouse and pairing it with pink trousers featuring a subtle pinstripe or check pattern for a playful twist.

  3. Layer Strategically: Layering can add depth and texture to your outfit while providing versatility for different occasions. For a chic daytime look, I layered it with a white tailored Universal Standard Derjon Trench Coat over my orange blouse and completed the ensemble with tan Kenneth Cole block heels.  I am solidly in my block heel era, lol.  I still love my stilettos but I’ve got a good 30-45 minutes max in them at any given time. I can still get through the day in block heels.  So block heels it is.  It worked though.

I had a vision in my head.  I made that vision a reality.  I think it works and that’s really all that matters, lol.

Below are the details on how to get the pants. Both the blouse and trench coat are no longer being sold in those colors and patterns BUT if you’re a savvy shopper like I am, you can head over to Poshmark and probably find it in your size in someone’s closet.  I’ll link to the colors and patterns that are currently available from Eloquii and Universal Standard.

Where to Buy It

Pink trouser pants
Pink trouser pants


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