Stepping Up: Why Clear Heels Are My Heel of Choice

Clear heels

Alright, shoe aficionados, gather around. Today, I’m about to drop some serious shoe wisdom on you. We’re diving headfirst into the translucent world of clear heels—yes, you heard me right, those see-through wonders that have the audacity to make your feet the main attraction. Buckle up, because I’m about to wax poetic about why clear heels are not just shoes but a lifestyle choice.

Gone are the days where clear heeled platforms of unthinkable heights were worn solely by women swinging from poles in clubs. Now everybody is wearing them, including yours truly. I can’t go anywhere without someone asking me where I got my clear heels from or complimenting me on them.

First of all, let’s talk about versatility. Clear heels go with everything. And I mean everything. Got a little black dress? Clear heels. Rocking some ripped jeans and a band tee? Clear heels. Wearing a ball gown to your third cousin’s wedding where you don’t really want to outshine the bride but kinda do? CLEAR HEELS. They’re the chameleons of the shoe world. If you’ve ever wished your shoes could be as adaptable as your mood, these bad boys (or rather girls) are it.

And can we please discuss the aesthetic? Nothing screams “I’m too stylish for opaque footwear” like clear heels. They give off this effortless, futuristic vibe—as if you’re too cool to care that you look like you’re floating a few inches off the ground. It’s like walking on air but with a subtle, “Yeah, I know I’m fabulous” twist. Plus, you get the added bonus of watching people do a double-take when they realize your shoes are playing an epic game of hide-and-seek with their vision. Clear heels make you look taller and your legs look better. Facts.

Now, onto the elephant in the room: comfort. Or rather, the lack thereof. Let’s not kid ourselves; clear heels aren’t exactly orthopedic dreams. But I have found a few ways to lessen the sacrifice of great shoes. Kitten heels, block heels, and mules are excellent ways to wear clear heels but with a lot less ankle instability and chance for blisters. Honestly, I have never gotten a blister from any of my clear shoes. But if anyone dares to criticize your choice of footwear, just give them that knowing smile that says, “You wouldn’t understand; it’s a clear heel thing.”

By request, below is a list of my favorite clear heels in various colors, heights, and styles. Most styles come in various colors.

Believe it or not, in the past two years, I have gotten most of my clear heels from Amazon. Yep. Amazon. You can shop my curated list of clear heels from Amazon here.