OOTD: JIBRI’s Colorblock Slouch Dress

Jasmyne Cannick in a JIBRI colorblock slouch dress.

I love a good colorblock and I finally got a chance to wear Jibri’s Colorblock Slouch Dress that perfects the art of color blocking.

Now as you already should know, I derive my sense of fashion from what I like and what I like is to dress like a lady.  One whose clothes say that I take myself seriously, can have fun, but have respect for how my body is displayed. I believe that I can give sexy without showing my entire ass. 

I am always seeking out, working with, and promoting fashion companies and designers that understand that there are still those of us who are plus sized who want clothes that are fashionable but don’t necessarily bare it all.

I found that JIBRI’s Colorblock Slouch Dress had me exuding the type of confidence, sophistication, and touch of mystery I like in my clothes. 

Color Blocking 101

At its core, color blocking is about combining solid blocks of colors. These can be complementary colors (opposites on the color wheel), analogous colors (next to each other on the color wheel), or triadic colors (three colors evenly spaced on the color wheel). The key is to avoid patterns and prints, focusing instead on the impact of pure, unadulterated color.

The Colorblock Slouch Dress

Baby, this dress is the perfect example of color blocking for the summer!

Made of jersey fabric–which I find to be super comfortable to move around in–Jibri’s Colorblock Slouch Dress features a draped hip detail, V neckline, inconspicuous chic side pockets, fitted long sleeves, and an attached wrap belt.

The combination of bright yellow, orange, and pink gives the dress the pop of color that stands out and gets you noticed immediately for all of the right reasons.

The dress does it all. It’s a statement piece. You don’t really need too much else. A stunning pair of earrings, maybe a necklace (I forwent the necklace in my debut wearing the dress), a great pair of shoes (you can’t go wrong with clear transparent heels), and a clutch and you’re set.
I am putting JIBRI on notice, we need this dress in at least two more color block combinations STAT. Pretty please.

If you’re waiting for this dress to hit my Poshmark closet, you’ll be waiting indefinitely. I plan to wear this dress a few more times through the summer to various soirees.

Jasmyne Cannick in a JIBRI colorblock slouch dress.
Jasmyne Cannick in a JIBRI colorblock slouch dress.
Jasmyne Cannick in a JIBRI colorblock slouch dress.

What You Need to Know Before Ordering

So a few things I want to say about JIBRI.

This dress is an investment statement piece and investment statement pieces are the cornerstone of a well-curated wardrobe.

Trends may fade, but statement pieces remain relevant.

JIBRI specializes in creating garments for the fashion-conscious curvy woman (size 10-28).

You need to know your measurements. I am wearing their size 1 which is akin to a 14/16.

All of their garments are designed for plus sized people. They don’t use the traditional ‘mannequin scale’. I love that!

Each piece you purchase from JIBRI has been designed by their CEO Jasmine Elder and every item is made especially for you by their dedicated team in Atlanta. This isn’t fast fashion, but it’s worth-the-wait-fashion.

I’ll also add that if you see something you like from JIBRI, buy it. It might not be available next month. They say on their website that their lines are purposefully short run, so that you’ll never look run of the mill.

And if you do buy it because of my post, please let me them know where you found the dress (thank you)!

Closing words, I felt effortlessly glamorous in it and judging from the comments I received on social media when I posted a photo wearing the dress, I looked how I felt.

Jasmyne Cannick in a JIBRI colorblock slouch dress.