Mother of Young Man Found Dead of Meth Overdose in West Hollywood Home of Democratic Donor Calls Out Sheriffs


The Cost of Silence: How A Wealthy LA Democratic Donor Muted The Political Party of “Allies” and “Coalition Building”

The mother of Gemmel “Juelz” Moore, the 26-year-old who died allegedly of an accidental meth overdose on July 27 in the home of West Hollywood home of high-profile Democratic Party donor and political activist, Ed Buck is calling out the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

LaTisha Nixon and her son Gemmel Moore

LaTisha Nixon says that the sheriffs have been less than responsive to her multiple requests for information regarding her son’s death as well as her request for a police report.  She also questions whether or not Buck’s political connections, race and wealth have been an influencing factor with law enforcement officials.

“It seems like everyone’s turned a blind eye because my son is a gay Black man–you know when Ed Buck is a wealthy white politician who has contributed a lot of money to different campaigns and different funds.”

She has asked the sheriff’s station in West Hollywood to conduct a thorough investigation into her son’s death starting with Ed Buck.

A fundraiser was held to raise money to pay for Moore’s funeral and burial services Wednesday in Inglewood.  To contribute online click here.

It would seem to me that Ed Buck would pick up the entire tab for Moore’s funeral service and then some. To date, Mrs. Nixon hasn’t heard a peep from Buck. Not an apology, condolences or an offer to help.  Nothing. 😐

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