Mike Feuer Gets Petty Over LAPD Racial Profiling Video


Mike Feuer

Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer is petty AF.

After U.S. Magistrate Jacqueline Chooljian removed the protective order on a video that Mike Feuer didn’t want you to see and made that video public, Feuer filed a motion with the court complaining I did not comply with the judge’s order when I shared it on social media.

OMG he’s such a hater.

Feuer and Co. must have sat down and played the video that was released in slow-mo frame by frame looking for something–anything they could use exact revenge for exposing their dirty little secret. They settled on a few seconds that they claim you could see the naked body of Michelle Michelewicz, the girlfriend of music producer Antone Austin who had run outside after hearing her man screaming for help. 

When the judge ordered the public disclosure of the video that showed Austin, who is more commonly known as Tone Stackz, being kidnapped by LAPD officers while bringing in his trash can off the street, she did so with the warning that Michelwicz’s nudity be hidden. 

Austin is suing the LAPD for violations of his civil rights and racial profiling after a May 2019 incident where two LAPD officers responded to a domestic violence call for an unnamed suspect with no physical description and saw a Black man on the street bringing in his trash can and just assumed he was the suspect.

The body worn camera audio confirms that one officer asks the other, “Is this dude?” The partner answers, “Probably.” The officers immediately get out of their patrol car and attempt to take a very unassuming Austin into custody–as I said earlier kidnapping. When it was all said and done, the police admitted they didn’t know who they were looking for and that they had the wrong person, but they still arrested Austin for resisting and his girlfriend for felony lynching–trying to take someone out of the custody of the police.

The suspect ending up being a short stocky white man. Not a tall thin Black man.

For damn near two years Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer worked to keep the body camera video of this incident from the public.  

His office claimed in court filings that it did not want the LAPD video released publicly because it would “be contrary to LAPD policy and may have a chilling effect on future LAPD investigations.” 

Well, brrr and grab a coat and scarf then because it’s going to get chilly.

Now that the video is public and it is not generating the type of headlines this 2022 mayoral candidate wants, Feuer is using the resources of his office to exact revenge on the persons who made it public.

Like I said, petty AF.

And for the record, Ms. Michelewicz approved of the edited video.

In addition to complaining to the judge that the video doesn’t comply with her orders, Feuer and Co. want Austin and Michelewicz’s attorney, Faisal Gill, to allow them to approve future videos related to this case before they are released to the public.

Yes, you might have to read that twice.  

Feuer and Co. want to approve the future releases of videos that they already have in their custody and have spent two years trying to keep from the public.

But Feuer and Co. ain’t saying nothing about the officers involved allegedly showing the same video to other officers in the police department and gawking at Austin’s girlfriend’s naked body (in front her I might add) like they were in a locker room.

Antone Austin and Michelle Michelewicz oppose the City of Los Angeles’ notion that they should provide the City of Los Angeles a copy of any redacted or otherwise edited video for their approval, especially given the concerning behavior of their employees who shared the unredacted footage amongst themselves and laughed at Ms. Michlewicz’s expense in front of her while she was wrongfully held in prison. Austin and Michelewicz request that this Court not require such obligation on them, namely Ms. Michlewicz, after being subjected to such ridicule without her permission to share such footage.

The public fought for and paid for body cameras for their police department that is also paid for with public dollars only for their city attorney–whose salary is also paid for with public money–to waste even more public dollars to fight against the release of this video.

And this is just one of thousands of videos that Feuer and Co. are working feverishly to keep from the public.

But this isn’t the first time Feuer was caught covering up for the LAPD and I exposed him for it.

Back in 2016, I wrote about a lawsuit against the City for missing money and computers from the LAPD Newton Area Police Activities League–money that was alleged to have been taken under the direction of a captain. I called that series Newtongate.

For those nonbelievers, let me help you out, The LAPD Newton Area Police Activities League, Inc. v. The City of Los Angeles Police Department et al., Case No. BC553987, which was filed on August 7, 2014, and The LAPD Newton Area Police Activities League, Inc. v. The City of Los Angeles et al., Case No. BC581131, which was filed on May 7, 2015.

Well, all I know is that Mike Feuer quietly settled that lawsuit for the stolen money and computers for 45,000 publicly funded dollars and agreed to have the computers returned.

And while Mike Feuer is not too busy to file motions against civilians who are exposing his shady behavior, he is too busy to do his job and help tenants who are victims of room-for-rent scams in South L.A. and are ending up homeless. Even though the City of Los Angeles had to pay money to the tenants who had been taken advantage of, Feuer was too busy to file charges against the people responsible and so to this day they are still running their room-for-rent scam in South L.A. taking advantage of unsuspecting low-income people in need of shelter. But Mike don’t care. He’s got a home.

Anyone who uses public resources to go after civilians just because they can doesn’t deserve to be our mayor. Anyone who covers up for bad police behavior doesn’t need to be our mayor.

Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer is petty AF and he wants to be our next mayor.

In my best impression of Sophia from The Color Purple responding to Miss Millie’s demeaning job offer, hell no. 

What did she say? 

Hell no.


Faisal Gill is running for L.A. City Attorney (Yey!).

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