Los Angeles Bad Boy Devund Tinson aka David Cunningham Arrested…Again


Devund Tinson

I have a grifter update for you on Devund Tinson aka David Cunningham.

When last we spoke about him–which was actually last week I think–he had managed to make his way into the ranks of the National Foster Youth Institute’s 2024 Congressional Leadership Academy delegation.  I have heard he’s since been removed.

This was AFTER he had gotten arrested in Inglewood when he’d taken over someone’s home who was out of town, moved in, and thrown himself a housewarming party. 

Well, it looks like according to Fulton County jail records, Devund was arrested on Thursday, April 18, by the Atlanta Police Department and the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department on charges of Burglary in the Second Degree, Theft by Taking (a misdemeanor), and on a foreign county warrant.  A foreign county warrant in Fulton County, Georgia refers to a warrant issued for the arrest of someone who committed an offense outside of the county where they are currently being detained. The foreign jurisdiction that issued the warrant can then inform the facility where the person is being held that they will come to transport them. If the foreign agency refuses to pick up the person, they can be released on bond.

UPDATE: Two additional charges of aggravated assault have also been filed.

Devund Tinson booking photo.

Devund Tinson April 18, 2024, arrest recordUpdated Devund Tinson criminal charges in Atlanta.


The only reason I know about this latest arrest is because two men reached out to me this week to say that he had stabbed one of them seven times and was on the run. That he had been living in an apartment where he was being evicted from and wouldn’t leave and had rented to them but failed to tell them he was being evicted.  Sound familiar?

Devund is too young to have the long history of grifting that he has–not that there’s ever a good age for this type of behavior.

You may remember him from his Bad Boy audition video that led to him telling everyone he had gotten selected for the show, when he didn’t. He had pulled a gun out on some people in Texas that got him arrested–because Texas doesn’t play.  We remember that he posted a gun on Facebook threatening a local Assemblymember. Some of y’all know him from lying about attending USC and law school. And I can’t forget the young lady who rented his apartment in South LA when he was being evicted and took her money and fled town leaving her to deal with the eviction she knew nothing about. 

In 2023, Devund, who under his alias ran last year as a candidate for the Los Angeles City Council District 9 seat, pleaded guilty to Felony False Impersonation of a Written Instrument, and Misdemeanor Animal Abandonment in  Los Angeles County Superior Court. The plea was the result of a case investigated by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles (spcaLA).

Most recently, he made the rounds on social media after acting a fool in Atlanta’s Sugar Factory. I have so many Devund stories, there’s too many to list. 



He is an epic forger–I have seen his work firsthand–and one of the most dedicated con men I have ever crossed paths with. But he’s also dangerous. Violent and physically dangerous as noted in a very recent Facebook post where he said he said, “Don’t flirt with me I Fück good and I tap guns on windshields baby.”


Devund Tinson Facebook post


Now he’s in the crosshairs of the Atlanta Police Department and Fulton County Sheriff’s Department.


Devund Tinson arrest record.


For the record, again, his name is not David Cunningham and he is not related to Judge David Cunningham or his family. His name is Devund Tinson and that’s the name on his arrest record (s).


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