LAPD: New Chief Same Bullshit?


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These photos are from Michael Richardson’s cell phone.  Michael is the father of Mitrice Richardson and was out on Saturday night trying to pass out flyers to promote Sunday’s rally and biker caravan for his missing daughter on 89th and Broadway.  Just before 2 a.m. Sunday morning Michael texted me saying that the LAPD showed up on the scene and officers told him that he couldn’t pass out the flyers.  When Michael insisted he had the right too, they called for back up and what resulted was 20 cars worth of officers.  20 cars worth of officers to ensure that flyers weren’t passed out at a biker club for a rally for a missing woman. Hmmm….see this is the shit that you don’t get to hear about.  Now all of this leaves me asking, is the goal of the LAPD and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to actually FIND Mitrice, cause given everything they’re putting the Richardson’s through, I really have to question their motives and dedication at this point.