Jasmyne Cannick’s Statement on Court Upholding Jury’s Verdict in Ed Buck Trial

Ed Buck trial

Where former Los Angeles district attorney Jackie Lacey didn’t even see a case worth prosecuting, federal prosecutors presented an excellent case with the help of the LA County Sheriff’s Department. The evidence and the first-person accounts of #EdBuck’s surviving victims were powerful.  The jury saw Buck’s victims and heard their pain and convicted Ed Buck on ALL nine counts.  I am happy the court upheld the jury’s verdict.  It was the right thing to do.

Today I am elated–we are elated–to know that we’re moving onto the sentencing phase for Buck.  Sentencing him to prison to the maximum term allowed will send that message to the people who need to hear it and feel it the most–the community he preyed on and took advantage of and the other Ed Buck’s still operating under the radar watching this case to see what the outcome is going to be.

Ed Buck needs to be held accountable.  I want to see him sentenced to the maximum time he is eligible for under federal law.

The lives of Black homeless men matter.  The lives of Black queer people matter. The lives of people addicted to drugs matter. The lives of survival sex workers matter. They matter.

Jasmyne Cannick is an award-winning freelance journalist and political strategist. She spent four years investigating Ed Buck and humanizing his victims and her reporting became linked with the progression of the case.  Beyond her journalism, she founded Justice for Gemmel and All of Ed Buck’s victims to help advocate for his arrest and conviction.