Iron-Deficient and On Ozempic: Double the Fun!

Jasmyne Cannick showing off Ozempic weight loss

So the last few weeks on O-o-o-ozempic have been trying to say the least. I am not sure that I blame Ozempic because as I have always said, it’s trial and error with me and this medicine.

I lost almost all of my energy a few weeks ago and I let that go on way too long before I really paid attention to it. I could barely do anything, and I mean anything. Everything from showering to driving to peopling was a huge struggle for me. I was tired all of the time–much more than usual.

At first I chalked it up to Metformin. My doctor had encouraged me to get back on Metformin. She said that she saw positive results in her patients that used both Metformin and Ozempic for weight loss and to control their A1C. She ain’t said nothing but a word. I was in. I took myself off of it because I didn’t think that I needed it but went back on it after she told me that. If it’s going to help with my weight loss (oh, and of course my A1C), you don’t have to tell me twice.

I found out that doctors commonly prescribe this combination to help manage blood sugar levels in adults with type 2 diabetes. They work in different ways to lower your blood sugar levels. I don’t’ have type 2 diabetes–that was the whole reason for getting on Ozempic to begin with because I was knock-knock-knocking on diabetes door with an A1C of 6.4. But still Metformin was supposed to help with that, and I guess it did because I went from an A1C of 6.4 in May 2019 to my current 5.4 level. Still, I thought Metformin, for whatever reason, was the culprit for my lack of energy and brain fog and so Dr. Cannick took her own self off it.


Jasmyne Cannick's A1C test results

Come through Ozempic with that A1C!

Well, that didn’t cure my lack of energy and my brain fog only worsened. Finally, I dragged my ass, and I do mean dragged, to Kaiser and showed them two arms with healthy veins. I had to fast so on top of no energy, I had no coffee and no food in my body. Let’s just say I was less than chipper sitting in the lab waiting room. I said take all the blood you need so we can hopefully get to the bottom of this. While we were at I had them do a thyroid test and hormone test because I spent way too much time on the internet researching what could be wrong with me.

It turns out I am anemic again. I thought after they removed my fibroids in a life-saving hysterectomy back in January 2019 that problem had gone away. And it did for a while but apparently, it’s back.

Why? Because Ozempic is apparently lowering my hemoglobin levels.

Remember, Ozempic (semaglutide), is a weekly injection approved by the FDA in 2017 to help adults with type 2 diabetes lower blood sugar, but in doing this it may also cause hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). This side effect is more likely if Ozempic is used with insulin or other diabetes drugs. Enter the Metformin.

So when those test results came back and it showed that I was really anemic, I bought myself two things–I didn’t even wait for a prescription for anything. I went and bought iron pills and B12 pills. I’ve been here before with anemia. My fibroids kicked my ass for years before I was approved to have a hysterectomy.

And wouldn’t ya know it? I immediately started feeling better. Within 24 hours I was ready to sing at the top of my lungs, “I can see clearly now the rain is gone. I can see all obstacles in my way.”

I was back in action on the tennis court. I had been dragging myself to the court with no energy and still trying to hit and could barely play.

Now I haven’t hopped back on the Metformin yet. I am going to wait and speak to my doctor about that before I do. Currently, I am popping 65 mg of iron three times a day and one 1000 mg B-12 vitamin in the morning.

As far as my weight loss, I started this journey a few years back somewhere around 243 lbs and I am currently 202 lbs. I am very close to my first goal of 199.9 pounds and then it’s off to my second goal of anywhere between 170 and 180 pounds. I don’t care if it’s 179.9 or 170.9, I just want to be in that range and then it’s all about the maintenance.

Sadly, I am still working on my bat wings (the skin under my arm), so if I see you and I don’t fully lift my arm up to wave hello, that’s why lol.

I’ve got so much work to catch up on this week after essentially being out of it for the last two weeks, but it’s all good. I feel much better and in control of things now.

Ozempic and all of these weight loss medicines are still relatively new and we don’t fully know all of the side effects of them. That’s a chance you take when you agree to use them. I knew that going into this. That’s why it’s always been a trial and error situation for me and that’s also why I share my experiences and read the experiences of others. The best research I have ever done on Ozempic was hearing from the people actually taking the medicine.