Endorsement: I’m with Dallas Fowler in AD54!
I'm endorsing Dallas Fowler in California's 54th Assembly District (AD54).


I’m endorsing Dallas Fowler in California’s 54th Assembly District (AD54).

Many of you have reached out to me asking who I am supporting for AD 54 to replace Sydney Kamlager–and I’m honored you want my opinion.

I’ll be honest, at first, I wasn’t going to offer a public endorsement. Why? Because just like with the race for Supervisor, I know four of the leading candidates. But then I said nah–eff that. Friendship has to count for something and I refuse to be like some folks I see just hitching their wagon to whoever currently registers highest on the Richter scale popularity or money. Plainly put–I refuse to play the who-is-most-electable-game.

Some of the people who were deemed the ✌🏾most electable✌🏾 turned out to be the most full of 💩 and did nothing to help the People–just themselves. Add to that, when I say I support Black women, I actually really mean it.

I want to see a Black woman replace a Black woman in the Legislature. Periodt.

There are several highly qualified Black women in the race. I know, like and respect Heather Hutt. I know Cheryl Turner. However, Dallas Fowler is my girlfriend. We have been through a lot of fights together. She’s supported me in my campaigns–the ones that were political and the ones that weren’t. She’s been there and together with her mother she has been a great mentor to me as I delve into Party politics. With Dallas you are going to get a true progressive–I think sometimes she’s more progressive than me, lol! And that’s what we need in Sacramento.

So like I said, friendship has to count for something and so Dallas has my support, 100 percent. That said, I am not a hater or a blocker. I am active in two groups supporting two different candidates. LAAAWPAC has endorsed Heather Hutt (with my full support since Dallas didn’t submit for the endorsement) and Stonewall went with Isaac Bryan–who by the way I have nothing against. I just want to see a Black woman in that seat and since we have several qualified Black women running, I chose one.

Part of being a leader means being able to make a decision.

I’m with Dallas.

After the primary–let’s circle back and see where the chips have fallen.

Everyone in AD 54, please make sure to vote by/on May 18!