Ed Buck Says Second Man Who Died at His House Tied Noose Around His Neck


Ed Buck, Gemmel Moore and Timothy Dean

According to the coroner’s report Investigator’s Narrative, Ed Buck told sheriff’s deputies that Timothy Dean “used a piece of clothing to make a noose” that he tied around his neck. Dean, 55, was found dead in Buck’s West Hollywood apartment on January 7. He was the second Black gay man to die in the white Democratic major donors apartment. Similar to 26-year-old Gemmel Moore, who has died in Buck’s apartment 18 months earlier, Dean’s death was also ruled an accidental meth overdose.

According to investigators, Ed Buck claimed to remove the “noose” from around Dean’s neck and that he then began to throwing clothes up in the air at which point Buck decided to get up and take a shower.

Let’s pull the car over right here.

First, a noose? Now picture the scene with the maid in the film “Get Out” and say it with me. No. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No.

If you’ve followed my reporting on Ed Buck and how he interacts with his victims then you know that one of the recurring themes with all of the men is that Buck does not leave them alone in his apartment. In fact, he’s so paranoid about the Black men he lets into his house that he has mirrors all over the place so that he can always watch you from anywhere. So him going to the bathroom to take a shower while his guest is demonstrating “bizarre behavior” as he told investigators is unbelievable.

Moving along.

Buck claims he took a shower and when he returned to the living room he found Timothy unresponsive at which point he says he performed CPR for 15 minutes before he contacted 911. 15 minutes. Fifteen minutes. Fifteen motha—-ing minutes. Timothy was pronounced dead at 1:36 a.m.

Buck then goes on to say that he didn’t see Timothy take any drugs and that they didn’t have sex.

Well, let’s talk about that.

Just like with Gemmel Moore on what I am willing to bet my life on is the same mattress Gemmel Moore died on, laid Timothy Dean’s body.

According to the report, “the ‘room is strewn with clothing and sex toys. Three large mirrors were standing upright leaning against the walls. Plastic baskets were lined up on the floor containing folded men’s underwear.”

Timothy Dean was wearing plastic cock rings on his penis at the time of his death.

Every single man I interviewed about Ed Buck discussed in detail his fetish with white underwear but more importantly–their Black bodies in that white underwear and his use of cock rings and other things.

And then there are the mirrors. The mirrors. I told y’all about those mirrors before.

But let’s talk about the drugs.

The sheriff investigator documented that he found, “two short pieces of thick clear plastic tubing” each approximately two feet long and that one appeared to contain a “white powdery substance.” The refrigerator contained a syringe containing a “clear liquid, two clear bottles with the labels painted over with blue paint -found to be labeled Naloxone, one bottle labeled Caverject, and a box labeled Alprostadil/Papaverine with a bottle containing a clear liquid.” The investigator goes on to document seeing a glass pipe on the dining room table and another on the stovetop and two more empty syringes were found on a desk in another room.

Time to pull over the car again.

Both Caverject and Alprostadil/Papaverine produce erections that last between 30 and 60 minutes and are used to treat impotence.

Naloxone, more commonly known as Narcan, is a medication designed to quickly reverse opioid overdose.

Now if you remember, Buck’s attorney Seymour Amster peddled to the media that his client was just trying to help drug addicts down on their luck.

“This is not a situation where Mr. Buck has caused a death,” Amster told reporters. “This is a situation where Mr. Buck has had longtime friends who unfortunately do not handle their life well.”

Is it possible that Timothy Dean showed up at Ed Buck’s apartment with pipes, syringes, meth, erectile dysfunction medicine, and Narcan? Yes, it’s possible. Is it likely? No, it is not likely.

And let us not forget the scene when Gemmel Moore’s body was found dead in Ed Buck’s apartment on July 27, 2017.

Like Timothy Dean, paramedics found Moore naked on a mattress in the living room with a “male pornography movie playing on the television.”

According to the report, a coroner’s investigator found the following items in Buck’s two-bedroom apartment: 24 syringes with brown residue, five glass pipes with white residue and burn marks, a plastic straw with possible white residue, clear plastic bags with white powdery residue and a clear plastic bag with a “piece of crystal-like substance.”

Add to all of that, Narcan reverses the effects of an opioid overdose. Meth isn’t an opioid but heroin is.

So you tell me, who is the drug addict?

In 2017 when Gemmel Moore’s autopsy report was released, the L.A. Times quoted Buck’s attorney Seymour Amster.

“I think this concludes it,” he said of the autopsy. “The manner of death is accident. This whole thing is about ‘how did Gemmel Moore die?’ It was a tragedy. It certainly is a strong statement to say no to drugs.”

He should’ve given that advice to his client who is the one with the drug problem. Gemmel made it very clear who gave him his first injection of crystal meth and who kept giving him crystal meth.

“Ed Buck is the one to thank,” Gemmel Moore wrote. “He gave me my first injection of chrystal [sic] meth.

I find it hard to believe–and so should you– that both Gemmel and Timothy showed up at Ed Buck’s apartment with all of these drugs and drug paraphernalia without him knowing they had the drugs and without him seeing them use the drugs.  Especially for a man who is known not to leave any of the Black men he invites into his own alone and uses a series of strategically placed mirrors just to make sure he can always watch them from any angle.

For the record, in the state of California drug use, possession (for personal use) and paraphernalia aren’t really crimes anymore per se.

Also noted in the investigator’s report was this glaring admission.

“I observed no items of clothing that appeared to be fashioned like a noose.”

The coroner also surmised that it was unlikely that Ed Buck would’ve injected Timothy Dean with meth using an old injection site–simply based on someone’s testimony that Buck would only shoot them up in their penis.

“If Mr. Dean was incapacitated to a degree by the ethanol, it seems less probable that another person would inject drugs into the exact same spot as an old injection site when the drug use reported by other persons previously at this location was through a completely different anatomic region.”

I spoke with many men who dealt with Ed Buck.  While they all said Buck injected them with meth, they did not all say that they were injected in their penis. So let’s not act like Dean couldn’t have been injected by Buck.

Based on the coroner’s conclusion, the sheriff’s investigation and the district attorney’s track record, I get the feeling that Ed Buck might just walk away from another dead Black body in his apartment a completely free man–again.


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