Charlottesville in Under 60 Seconds


I think it’s laughable that all of the politicians—Dems and the GOP alike–are condemning what happened in Charlottesville and calling for unity.


What happened in Charlottesville is a direct manifestation of the Democrats and Republicans own dysfunctionality that’s been played out on news across the country and amplified by pundits on both sides of aisle for the past nine months feeding into the anxiety, frenzy, fears and hatred harbored by Americans.  From the debate on immigration to healthcare–the same people condemning the events in Virginia today–are the very same people who have Americans all caught up in their feelings and out in the streets.

There is very little difference between the folks who participated in the madness in Virginia and the folks just down the way in Washington D.C. It’s just that respectability politics start to kick in and somehow calls for unity from folks engaged in the same type of behavior they’re condemning is sold to us as being noble. I

If they want to talk about unity–they need to start with themselves and lead by example. You can’t help to create the situation and then sit back and condemn it.