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A little bit about me.

I am a card carrying member in good standing of the Court of Public Opinion.  I’m also an obsessed follower of plus size fashion and style, who’s always down for a great cup of coffee.  When I’m not presiding over the Court of Public Opinion, you can find me presiding over the tennis court.

This website is my little slice of the interweb to share the gospel according to me, my opinions, my outfits, talk about life, and share  inspiration.

Official Bio

Despite facing the hurdles of emancipating from the foster care system in the 90s at the age of 17 and lacking access to the college education she wanted, Jasmyne Cannick managed to carve out a meaningful path for herself in life. Fueled by her experiences and a desire to not become a statistic, she pursued alternative avenues for personal and professional growth and took advantage of opportunities that were granted to her.

Today, Ms. Cannick is a Hip Hop Generation award-winning journalist, a veteran Democratic political strategist, and a constant advocate for underrepresented marginalized communities. 

The Voice

As a journalist and culture critic, Ms. Cannick made her name at the intersection of race, politics and contemporary social issues. Having worked in broadcast and print, her unique perspective, grounded in both journalistic integrity and cultural sensitivity, has earned her accolades and respect across diverse audiences.  She continues to be and unapologetic and authoritative voice on today’s social issues and politics.

Her reporting on misconduct and coverups at the highest levels of the Los Angeles Police Department earned her many accolades and the nickname LAPD Critic-and-Chief.

After two men died in his apartment of meth overdoses and countless other Black gay men came forward about being injected with meth, Jasmyne spent four years covering major Democratic donor Ed Buck.  Thanks to he reporting and activism, Buck was finally arrested in September 2019 and charged with the deaths of Gemmel Moore and Timothy Dean. Buck was convicted on all nine counts in a federal court in 2021, and sentenced to 30 years in prison the following year. 

Through Jasmyne’s compelling storytelling and unwavering commitment to telling like it is and giving the voiceless a voice, she continues to shape the local and national conversation, challenging norms and inspiring critical dialogue on the pressing issues of our era.

"If your presence doesn't make an impact, your absence won't make a difference."


The Strategist

Jasmyne has worked at all levels of government including in the California State Assembly as a press secretary before reprising that role in the House of Representatives. She’s worked for several city and county governments including five mayors and the president of the Los Angeles City Council as a Special Assistant.

In 2020, as campaign manager, Jasmyne led LA County’s first Black and Black-woman led criminal justice ballot measure, Measure R (Reform LA County Jails), to victory on election day.

She continues to serve in a leadership capacity as campaign manager, communications director, and political director on dozens of state, and local political campaigns.

Known as The Strategic Maven, Jasmyne continues to provide communications solutions, political strategy, crisis management, and advise elected officials, government agencies, political candidates, campaigns, law firms, and nonprofits organizations.

In 2024, Jasmyne was overwhelmingly re-elected in the primary election as a delegate to the LA County Central Committee (Democratic Party) representing the 55th Assembly District and the communities of Crenshaw, Leimert Park, West Adams, Culver City, and Jefferson Park.

Jasmyne sits on various boards of directors including the Stonewall Democratic Club, Pan African Film & Arts Festival and the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office African American Women’s Advisory Board.

Ms. Cannick is the recipient of numerous journalism and community service awards, including Out Magazine Journalist of the Year, the LA County John Anson Human Relations Award and one of ESSENCE Magazine’s 25 Women Shaping the World.

The Advocate

Jasmyne Cannick has been a loud voice and an advocate for causes near and dear to her heart.

She led a national campaign to retire white gay comedian Charles Knipp’s character Shirley Q. Liquor, a self-described inarticulate Black woman on welfare with 19 kids. In 2005, she used her voice to help make sure that the Los Angeles City taxpayers did not foot the bill to honor a homophobic Black pastor. That same year, she helped lead a protest against the”Tookie Must Die Hour” on KFI-AM with talk-show hosts John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou. Stanley “Tookie” Williams was the founder of the Crips gang and scheduled to be executed after being convicted in the 1979 killings of four people. Cannick also was the last person to interview Williams before his execution.

She would go on to face off against KFI-AM again after talk-show hosts John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou made fun of Whitney Houston after Houston was found dead in a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton calling her a “crack ho.” A comment that resulted in their suspension from the station–a first in the duo’s 20 plus year career. Several years later Jasmyne took KFI-AM morning show host Bill Handel to task for calling Florida Congresswoman Frederica Wilson a “cheap sleazy Democrat whore” on air that resulted in him having to make a public apology.

Jasmyne Cannick has always been an advocate of the Black LGBTQ+ community. When Proposition 8, a measure that wanted to make same-sex marriage illegal in California was on the ballot, she was one of the leading voices in the Black and LGBTQ+ communities calling out Blacks for their homophobia and the white-led LGBTQ+ community for their racism. She is known for her column “A White Gay’s Guide on Dealing with the Black Community for Dummies” where she would break down the pervasive and systemic racism in the white gay community towards Black people.

When Mitrice Richardson went missing after being released from a Los Angeles County jail in Malibu, Jasmyne worked with Mitrice’s family to call attention to the case and to challenge the Sheriff’s Department on the narrative they were spinning in the media.

In addition to being a longtime advocate for the Black LGBTQ community, Ms. Cannick has a track record of advocating for crime victims while simultaneously supporting public safety and criminal justice reform which has earned her the trust of her community as well as leaders in law enforcement and criminal justice. She constantly works to find a balance between victim advocacy and reform-minded policies essential for creating a justice system that not only seeks accountability but also promotes healing and restoration for all those impacted by crime.

In 2018, Jasmyne won a major victory on behalf of a dozen tenants in South Los Angeles facing homelessness after a transitional housing manager took their money, failed to pay rent, and abandoned the property. Through her advocacy for the victims, she was able to get them relocation assistance as well as call attention to a new practice taking place in Los Angeles where low-income renters are being taken advantage of with rent-a-room scams.

Just months after securing the conviction of Democratic donor and serial predator Ed Buck for the crystal meth overdose deaths of two Black gay men, Gemmel Moore and Timothy Dean, Jasmyne Cannick went back to doing what she does best–using her platform to bring her trademark passion for finding and exposing compelling stories that are overlooked, underreported, or just ignored. 

In a special podcast series “Ring the Alarm” Jasmyne takes listeners to Jamaica where she speaks directly with lesbian, gay, and trans men and women about living in one of the most homophobic countries in the world. 

Jasmyne followed lesbian, gay, and trans men and women on their journey using a modern-day underground railroad to seek asylum. In her special series, Jasmyne continued to provide much-needed context while calling attention to the plight of Black people here and abroad. “Ring the Alarm” reminds us all why Jasmyne continues to be a beloved voice for the voiceless.

Available wherever you get your podcasts from.

The Creative

Featured in Emmy Magazine as an up-and-coming producer, Jasmyne’s produced several films and television projects among them the documentary 41st and Central: The Untold Story of the Los Angeles Black Panthers and the pilot for “Noah’s Arc,” the first African-American LGBT television series.  She is currently working on several projects about the Ed Buck case.

A SoCal native by way of Hermosa Beach and Compton, in her spare time, Jasmyne enjoys hiking and tennis.

Jasmyne Cannick


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